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Bullet-Resistant Glass

Violence, terrorism, crime and the growing range of weapons used nowadays pose a great threat to human lives and the loss of properties. The use of common laminated safety glass is insufficient in offering protection against such attacks and hence a special range of safety glazings capable of resisting firearm attacks is critical to ensure the safety of individuals. The demand for protection of human lives in the use of glass has led to the development of a new multi-layer laminated safety glass - Ammoshield®, bullet-resistant glass.


Ammoshield® consists of a combination of three or more pieces of glass permanently bonded together by two or more interlayers of polycarbonates. The composition and thickness of the laminated glass determines the degree of resistance against concerted attacks from a variety of weapons. The excellent ballistic properties of Ammoshield® provide the building owner and occupants a physically safe environment and complete peace of mind. 


Ammoshield® has been tested to conform to AS/NZS (Australian Standard / New Zealand Standard) 2343 for having the ability to resist ballistic impact.


Performance Information


Performance summary of Ammoshield products


Classification of panel 


Product Name 

Product Code 

Panel Thickness  Weight/m2 Min Size Per Panel mm Max Size Per Panel mm Application

Class G0

9mm Military Parabellum

Ammoshield® BRG


20.4mm 33kg/m2 80 X 80  1800 X 2400 Low risk areas/quarry machine/forestry equipment 

Class G1

.357 Magnum

Ammoshield® BRG


24.4 mm 41kg/m2 80 X 80  1800 X 2400 Medium risk areas 
Class G2 .44 Magnum Ammoshield® BRG AS25P 52kg/m2 80 X 80  1800 X 2400 High risk areas/cash carrying vehicles 

Class R1

5.65 x 45mmV

Ammoshield® BRG


36.2mm 67kg/m2 80 X 80  1800 X 2400 Very high rish/military areas 
Class R2 7.62 x 51mm Ammoshield® BRG AS44P 44.5mm 62kg/m2 80 X 80  1800 X 2400 Very high rish/military areas 
Class S0 12 Gauge (full choke firing shot) Ammoshield® BRG AS40P 40.4mm 58kg/m2 80 X 80  1800 X 2400 High risk/military areas 
Class S1 12 Gauge (full choke firiing single slug) Ammoshield® BRG AS42P 42.5mm 60kg/m2 80 X 80  1800 X 2400 High risk/military areas 
NIJ 0108.01 Level 3  7.26 X 51mm Ammoshield® BRG AS44P 44.5mm 62kg/m2 80 X 80  1800 X 2400 Very high risk/military areas 

Australian / New Zealand Standards As/NZS 2343:1997 Bullet Resistant Panels and Elements.

All edges of glass must be securely held in a suitable frame so as not to reduce the glass performance.

We recommend glazing into a steel frame with minimum 25mm edge cover.

Product Features

Enhanced Safety

Ammoshield® prevents bullets from passing through the glass, thus protecting people from direct bullet injury or flying glass fragments while maintaining full visibility and light transmission.


Maximum Security

Recommended in places where money is handled, or where the highest degree of security is desired. In most cases, it takes many blows, all on the same spot, to penetrate the glass.

Acoustic Barrier

The multiple interlayers provide excellent sound control against unwanted noise from the outside. Thus, it is an effective sound control product for acoustic performance.

Heat Insulation

The interlayers reduce solar energy transmittance, thereby reducing cooling loads and conserving energy.

Ultraviolet Screening

Provides protection from the harmful effects of UV radiation. It screens out more than 99% of the sun’s damaging rays, protecting interior furnishings, displays or merchandise from the fading effects of UV radiation.

  • Airport terminals
  • Banks
  • Embassies
  • Financial institutions
  • Government buildings
  • High-risk shops
  • High security buildings
  • Military installations
  • Police stations

Production Sizes

Maximum glass weight is 1 tonne per unit.

Production size for this product varies. Get in touch with us for more information!