Protection Products

Blast-Resistant Glass

In recent years, resistance to bomb blast has become one of the main concerns in buildings development. BlastShield is laminated with special high performance interlayers that provide the safety and resistance needed during a bomb attack.


To withstand the blast effect of the bomb, the complete glass assembly must resist two specific assaults. The first assault is the primary shock wave right after a bomb blast. Glass used against this wave needs to be strong and yet flexible enough to take the challenge. Secondly, it needs to be able to withstand flying debris either caused by the blown-up fragments of the bomb (nails) or the surrounding environment (concrete), which usually inflicts the greatest damage.  


BlastShield is designed to withstand the two specific assaults and provide crucial safety by customising to the necessary requirement. It is built-to-order depending on the level of security and resistance one would like to have. A special high quality interlayer also ensures that the glass will be able to absorb the intended wave, while at the same time preventing glass from shattering or debris from flying. 

Product Features

Acoustic Barrier

The multiple interlayers provide excellent sound control against unwanted noise from the outside. Thus, it is an effective sound control product for acoustic performance.

Heat Insulation

The interlayer in BlastShield reduces solar energy transmittance, thereby reducing cooling loads and conserving energy.

Ultraviolet Screening 

Provides protection from the harmful effects of UV radiation. It screens out more than 99% of the sun’s damaging rays, protecting interior furnishings, displays or merchandise from the fading effects of UV radiation. 


Enhanced Safety 

BlastShield resists blast penetration, thus protecting people from direct injury or flying glass fragments while maintaing full visibility and light transmission. 


Maximum Security 

Recommended in places where the highest degree of security is needed. 

  • Airport terminals
  • Embassies
  • Public buildings


Production Sizes

Maximum glass weight is 1 tonne per unit.

Production size for this product varies. Get in touch with us for more information!