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Eco-Shading Solution

Blinds are popular shading options as occupants prefer all-or-none daylighting through the windows, notwithstanding frequent dusting and bent slats or messy cords. By enclosing blinds in an insulated glass unit (IGU) however, we have the conceptualization of a solution that, with added benefits can be the ideal eco-shading window. VariShade is the epitome of window solutions that helps you to regulate light, buffer against heat and sound, and save money all in a single fitting. The layer of non-convective air in between glass panes reduces the amount of solar heat and sound transfer across the installation, offering a senses-pleasing indoor experience.


There are three options in controlling the blinds. Firstly, the manual option allows the tilting of the blind using an external knob. Secondly, the electronic option can be designed to use in tandem with your in-house automation systems and up to 11 other sister blinds, offering motorised solutions for greater convenience. Thirdly, the blinds can be controlled via a patented magnetic actuator attached to the glass pane without visible wiring. The glass unit on its own will be void of power supply as the actuator is the sole source of power that allows the blind to function. This model can be designed to work with a wall-switch or remote control. It can also come with an attached solar panel to harness the renewable solar energy for operation, as a sustainable solution to a greener world.


There is also cost savings aplenty from adopting VariShade as a window or façade glass. Firstly, maintenance hassle is reduced as materials used for the blind are hard-wearing and the enclosure of the blinds eliminates the need for cleaning. Secondly, the heat insulation properties of the unit minimises interior air-conditioning loading, which subsequently means energy efficiency and cheaper bills. It is the perfect light and privacy solution for conference rooms, offices with East-West facings and even homes!


Available with an assortment of blinds in different colours and finishing, as well as your choice of glass panes, VariShade can be tailored to specific aesthetics and performance needs.


This product will also be able to greatly contribute to Green Mark certification and achieve good ETTV.

Product features

Acoustic Barrier and Heat Insulation

The layer of non-convective air in between the glass panes help to cut down on sound transmission and solar heat gain into the building.

Maintenance Savings

VariShade is an effective approach to increasing occupant comfort & energy efficiency. Slats are enclosed in the inter-glass space, beyond the reach of dirt and allergens, hence eliminating the need for dusting or cleaning.

User Convenience

Varying the direct solar transmission of up to 12 blinds can be done with a single remote, right at your fingertips! There are also no issues with bent slats or messy cords, making it kids-friendly and hassle-free.


VariShade offers design flexibilities. From single-coloured pleated fabrics to duo-tone duette fabrics to reflective or opaque-coated aluminium venetian blinds.


Heat Insulation

This design allows it to be used with Low Emissivity Glass, as slats do not come into contact with the glass surface.


Redirect Sunlight 

Slats can be adjusted or made to redirect sunlight onto ceilings for soft natural daylighting. 



Performance Information


Type of control


Maximum number of blinds

Rechargeable battery

Rechargeable actuator attached to the magnetic connector on the glass acts as the receiver and the sole source of power. Blinds can be adjusted by using the remote control or the magnetic connector.




Centralized control system

One or more blinds can be controlled simultaneously from a single position or by remote control.


Manual knob

Blinds can be adjusted to preferred angle by turning an external knob.

1 per blind


  • Conference rooms
  • Homes, villas
  • Hospitals, health centres and clinics
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Partitions


VariShade is available with Low Emissivity coatings, or with self-cleaning properties for faces exposed to external weather conditions.

Production Sizes

Maximum size varies with choice of blind type and approximates at 2500mm (W) x 2500mm (H).