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Self-Cleaning VariShield
Eco-Active Glass

Self-Cleaning VariShield is a smart and eco glass that self-tints through sunlight and self-cleans through daylight and rainwater. Combining thermochromic, photocatalytic and hydrophilic properties, it is an intuitive and self-sufficient design that is completely weather-activated without tedious operable systems.


The smart glass darkens its tint according to sunlight intensity, actively ensuring optimal lighting conditions and minimal heat transfer at different times of the day. We can then rely less on continuous artificial lighting for indoor illumination, and load less on our air-conditioning system for a comfortable indoor temperature. The ultraviolet light present in sunlight is also used to photocatalyse organic dirt on the glass, so that the dirt can be washed away by rainwater in neat sheets, leaving no dirty spots or streaks after the water evaporates.


Self-Cleaning VariShield plays the role of a holistic daylighting tool which saves on cleaning agents, water, energy and resources used for maintenance. It is ideal for East/West facing buildings and for hard to reach places that are difficult to clean.


With Self-Cleaning VariShield glass, we have the power to reduce huge utility bills or massive maintenance by using nature's elements in our favour. This presents a new way to greening your building.


This product will also be able to greatly contribute to Green Mark certification and achieve good ETTV.


The Technology


Self-Cleaning Glass


Photocatalytic and hydrophilic properties

Thermochromic properties

Photocatalytic action of the glass actively attacks dirt, to break down and destroy organic matter. The hydrophilic surface then allows the organic dirt to be rinsed off the glass in a neat fashion.

VariShield adopts a thermochromic approach.

This means that the glass use heat (thermo) to cause a “change in tint” (chromic).

  • Visible light transmission ranges from 13% to 60%
  • 50% reduction in heat transmission and heat gain into the building as compared to Low Emissivity Glass


Product Features

Energy Conservation

This smart glass lets light in, but not excessive glare or heat. Hence, high light transmission coupled with solar heat gain control allow us to rely less on continuous artificial lighting for indoor illumination, and load less on our air-conditioning system to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. This helps to conserve energy by reducing electricity consumption.

Maintenance Savings

While cleaning is still required, it is minimal. The glass stays clean longer and allows easier cleaning when needed. It results in less use of cleaning agents and water while allowing continuous clear view of exterior scenery, without dirty spots or streaks.

Intuitive & Self-Sufficient Design

Completely weather-activated design without tedious bothersome mechanically or electrical operable systems. Works hands-free and indefinitely, using free and unlimited supply of sunlight and rainwater. No re-treating needed as properties are inherent of the glass.

Environmentally Friendly Product

Self-Cleaning VariShield is a revolutionary eco-friendly solution that glass can offer. The dual-action of self-tinting and self-cleaning allows you to leave it to the intelligence of the glass to save cleaning agents, water, energy and resources in maintenance. This places building owners and occupants in the best position for maximum cost savings and an added emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility. 

  • Airport terminals 
  • Glass Façades
  • Commerical buildings
  • Educational institutions
  • Government and public sector buildings 
  • Hospitals 
  • Shopping centres
  • Office buildings 
  • Private residences 
  • Skylights and sunroofs
  • Windows 

Production Sizes


Minimum Size (W/mm x H/mm)

300 x 300

Maximum Size (W/mm x H/mm)

1,650 x 5,180