Specialty Products

SSG Food Warmer

SSG Food Warmer is a heated clear glass base that can be customised with your countertop material. It creates a uniformed heat across the entire glass providing an optimally-heated surface for serving food at safe temperatures. 


SSG Food Warmer provides and attractive and efficient way to keep food warm for a variety of food service applications from delies to glass shelf food counters to private kitchen counter tops. Using heated glass for food warming displays offers unique advantages over displays with coil or water heating systems. For example, the uniform heat distribution helps maintain food items at a consistent temperature, reducing risks of overheating which would dry out food. Additionally glass surfaces are more sanitary and easier to clean and maintain.


Using food warmer glass instead of a water heating system also cuts down on daily water usage, reducing water bills at the end of the month. There will also be lesser back injuries as food vendors no longer need to lift heavy water containers or bend over just to pour stale water away. 


SSG Food Warmer may be used in a wide variety of commercial and domestic applications that require active heat control and high light transmittance. It was also able to melt ice when it was sent to the freezing cold Antarctic Ocean for a heating test, proving its superior electro-optical properties! 

Product Features

Colour Neutral 

SSG Food Warmer is colour neutral. Together with high light transmittance and minimal haze, SG Food Warmer offers optimal clarity. 

Short Lead Time 

SSG Food Warmer is available in a variety of glass thickness and large sheet sizes, and is readily available for significantly reduced lead times and better control of costs. 

  • F&B serving points 
  • Buffet lines 
  • Kitchens
  • Catering events 
  • Home entertainment 
  • Heated glass for food industries 


SSG Food Warmer is available in laminated or insulated glass to provide further mechanical strength and safety.

Production Sizes

Minimum Size (W/mm x H/mm) 

300 x 300 

Maximum Size (W/mm x H/mm) 

2,500 x 5,180